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Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious disease with a chronic course, as a result of which a healthy liver tissue is replaced by a connective (fibrous or stromal). The affected liver has a modified dense structure and can be either reduced in size or slightly enlarged.

Causes of liver cirrhosis

Among the causes that lead to the development of irreversible changes in the liver cells and subsequently – to cirrhosis, we can distinguish the following:

  1.  alcohol abuse: due to frequent use of alcohol, a person’s liver is intoxicated;
  2.  congenital liver diseases;
  3.  viral hepatitis with chronic course (especially B and C);
  4.  parasitic liver damage;
  5.  bile duct disease;
  6.  defeat by drugs and chemical compounds;
  7.  causeless development of cirrhosis (of the binary form).

About a third of patients can not find the root cause of the disease.


Symptoms of liver cirrhosis

The disease has several characteristic manifestations:

  •  formation of the effect of the “jellyfish head” as a result of excessive filling of veins in the abdominal cavity;
  •  general weakness;
  •  low-grade fever;
  •  joint pain;
  •  weight loss;
  •  disorder of digestive functions;
  •  manifestation of chronic fatigue;
  •  pain in the right side (with palpation, the liver can be bumpy);

At the last stage of the disease jaundice develops, swelling of the legs and accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. In addition, bleeding and encephalopathy may develop.

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Treatment of cirrhosis of the liver

Changes in the liver with cirrhosis are irreversible, however, competent and timely treatment can help alleviate the symptoms and prolong the life of the patient. Treatment of cirrhosis consists in the following stages:

  •  drug therapy;
  •  diet therapy;
  •  complete rejection of alcohol and other hepatotoxic substances;
  •  liver transplantation (in case of severe disease).

In cases where patients have elevated body temperature, antibiotics may additionally be prescribed.

To reduce edema, diuretics are used, for example, the drug Aldactone (the active ingredient is spironolactone). It promotes the excretion of water, sodium and chlorine from the body, reducing the acidity of urine. The drug can be ordered online or bought in a regular pharmacy.

Alternative name for different countries:

Aldactacine; Aldactazide; Aldactazine; Aldactide; Aldazida; Aldazide; Aldoleo; Aldonar; Aldospirone; Aldozone; Alexan; Alizar; Almatol; Alspiron; Aporasnon; Cardactona; Cardiatone; Carpiaton; Diulactone; Docspirochlor; Docspirono; Espimax; Espirone; Espironolactona; Expal; Flumach; Furorese comp; Hexalacton; Huma-spiroton; Jenaspiron; Kespirona; Lacalmin; Lanx; Laractone; Letonal; Macacy; Merlactone; Modulactone; Nefrotone; Noidouble; Noractone; Normital; Novo-spiroton; Novo-spirozine; Novospiroton; Osiren; Osyrol; Pilactone; Pirolacton; Practazin; Practon; Prilactone; Rakudeen; Rediun-e; Sali-aldopur; Spilactone; Spiractin; Spiresis; Spiretic; Spirix; Spiro-ct; Spirobene; Spirobeta; Spiroctan; Spiroctazide; Spirogamma; Spirohexal; Spirola; Spirolacton; Spirolang; Spirolon; Spiron; Spirono; Spironol; Spironolacton; Spironolactona; Spironolactonum; Spironolakton; Spironolattone; Spironone; Spironothiazid; Spirospare; Spirotone; Uractone; Uractonum; Urusonin; Velactone; Verospilactone; Verospiron; Vivitar; Xenalon; Youlactone

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Echinococcosis is a rare parasitic disease caused by larvae of echinococcus, which attack the liver, bones and respiratory system. Most often occurs in childhood, but can be diagnosed in adults.


Ways of infection with echinococcus

Echinococcus is prone to the formation of cysts, which in this form enter the body of livestock (most often sheep). Further, they enter the dog’s organism in the food chain (if it is a crude demand of a previously infected animal), where in the intestine develop to adult individuals.Albenza Dosage

Then their eggs get into the external environment with feces and can contaminate food or household items. In the human intestine, eggs develop into larvae that spread throughout the body and form slowly growing cysts (some of them may be more than 20 cm in diameter). This explains the belated manifestation of the symptoms of the disease, which can be observed several years after infection.

Symptoms of echinococcal infection

When cysts are formed in the liver, symptoms such as:

  •  painful sensations;
  •  jaundice;
  •  nausea;

If the lungs of a person become the habitat of the cyst, then there is a cough and pain in the chest, and if the bones are affected, fractures and pains in the limbs.

For the diagnosis is taken into account the symptoms and results of ultrasound or X-ray diagnostics.

Prevention and treatment of echinococcosis

Prevention of the incidence of human echinococcosis is the prevention of helminthiasis in dogs and the exclusion of their diet of raw sheep.
In the presence of larvae in the patient’s body, anthelmintics are prescribed, for example, Albenza (the active ingredient is albendazole). It affects the digestive system of the parasite, is included in their metabolism, and also leads to a violation of their energy processes. After the drug is metabolized in the liver, one of its metabolites continues to fight against parasites, so the drug has a prolonged effect. Buy Albenza can be online, it is available without a prescription.

Surgical treatment is necessary to remove cysts.

Conditions in which taking Albenza is prohibited

Albenza is not recommended for use when:

  •  hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  •  pregnancy;
  •  lactation;
  •  age, less than 2 years;

With caution, Albenza is prescribed for cirrhosis, hemopoiesis, and retinal lesions.

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Diabetes mellitus – is the most common disorder of the endocrine nature, in which people can not process glucose and convert it into energy. The disease develops due to the following factors:
1) a decrease in production of the hormone insulin;
2) reduce susceptibility to insulin.
Predisposition to the development of endocrine disorders can be congenital in nature.

What happens in the development of diabetes?

Because of the inability to process sugar (glucose), the cells are forced to produce energy in a different manner, which leads to the accumulation of toxic metabolites in the body, and wherein the free glucose in the blood is concentrated (and then – and urine). Such an anomaly leading to the development of symptoms characteristic such as:

  • – Thirst for reducing sugar levels in the body;
    – Profuse and frequent urination caused by excessive consumption of fluids.

How to cure diabetes?

Therapy disease complex and includes the following methods:

  • – Control of blood sugar levels;
  • – Compliance with diet restriction on certain products;
  • – The use of drugs to lower blood sugar levels;
  • – Health monitoring in order to detect complications;
  • – Strengthening the immune system.

This disease has a chronic course and is associated with the constant medical supervision to detect changes in the body in the early stages. Some patients require replacement therapy (lifelong insulin injections).

What hypoglycemic drugs prescribed for insulinnezavisomom type of diabetes?

If the patient is in need of replacement therapy – which more often occurs – that he administered hypoglycemic agents, e.g., Glucophage. It is based on metformin and has a selective effect: lowers the sugar if it is elevated. The drug is often prescribed to patients with obesity, unless they have a serious kidney disorders.
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What is the mechanism of action of the drug Glucophage?

Glucophage – is tableted drug and it is taken orally before a meal. The active ingredient of the drug – metformin – causes the following changes in the patient’s body:

  • – Reduces the secretion of sugar in the liver;
  • – Enhances the capture and processing of glucose in the muscles;
  • – Reduces glucose absorption in the intestines.

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Tularemia – an acute infectious disease of origin and affected lymph nodes, epidermis, more rarely – the eyes, mouth and lungs. Condition characterized by severe intoxication.

What provokes the development of tularemia?

The causative agent of the disease is a gram-negative bacteria. These and still function in the absence of oxygen. Pathogens can be presented to African, Central Asian and Euro-Asian subspecies.
Transfer the infected rodents, birds, dogs and some other animals. Animals hit ticks or other insects sucking blood (mosquitoes, horseflies, fleas), and then infected animals can transmit the infection to humans. In more rare cases, the infection may be of a professional nature of the (meat processing plants, grain silos, sugar and other plants) by inhalation of infected material or after consumption of contaminated food. A person can not transmit tularemia others.

How is the disease?

Tularemia Pathogen enters the human body after through intact skin and mucous membranes (eyes, digestive tract, lungs). Often at the site of infection spot appears first, which through a chain papule – vesicle – pustule becomes an ulcer. After that, the pathogen enters the lymph nodes, and after some time – with the development of blood poisoning.
Getting the disease is severe and is associated with the emergence of the following symptoms:

  • – A sharp rise in temperature (greater than 38.5 ° C) with good activity or euphoria;
  • – headache;
  • – dizziness;
  • – sleep disturbance;
  • – Swelling and redness of the face, as well as the conjunctiva;
  • – Pain in the muscles of the legs and back;
  • – loss of appetite;
  • – Excessive sweating;
  • – Low blood pressure and bradycardia;
  • – In the language of hemorrhage in form of dots;
  • – Swollen lymph nodes.

In severe form of the disease may cause vomiting and nosebleeds. Tularemia can occur with fever up to a month.

A method for treating tularemia?

When tularemia prescribe antibiotics such as Doxycycline drug – a semi-synthetic tetracycline antibiotic nature. He has a broad spectrum, and its mechanism of action is associated with exposure to pathogens in the production of the protein, making it a good stop growth and reproduction of the infection.
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Spontaneous urination or incontinence – this is a common urological problem of nature, which is common in women and less concerned about the men. And despite the fact that the disease is not fatal, it carries a huge physical and psychological discomfort, and can greatly limit human activities.

Distinctive features of spontaneous urination

This problem has a number of features depending on the type of incontinence.
1.Samoproizvolnoe urinary stress type.
This kind of disease is most common among all patients with urinary incontinence. A distinctive feature is the leakage of urine at a strain of cough, laugh, sneeze or exercise. The man in this case does not feel that the bladder is full and he needs to visit the toilet.
2. Urge spontaneous urination. Incontinence occurs when the bladder is filled, either before urge or immediately after it.
3. Spontaneous urination mixed type. It is diagnosed when the patient has symptoms of stress and urge incontinence.

Features of the development of spontaneous urination

This disease can occur in consequence of failure in a hormonal background (a reduced amount of estrogens) or because of anatomical problems (post-natal complications, surgery, excessive exercise, etc.). Any of these reasons could be the impetus for the development of spontaneous urination, and in extreme cases – to enuresis.
There are some diseases that can lead to urinary incontinence, among them the following are the most common:

  • – Diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • – Endocrine disorders, including diabetes;
  • – Irregularities in the central nervous system.

Methods of treatment of spontaneous urination

If one observes the appearance of symptoms of urinary incontinence, you should seek competent medical advice. To self-medicate may be dangerous, because there is a risk to buy a questionable drug. It’s easier, such as medications and supplements are sold over the counter, but the doctor will give a recommendation with a proven drug that can be bought at a pharmacy or order online.
In the treatment of spontaneous urination often prescribed Ditropan drug. It is used in various etiologies incontinence, because it has a good efficiency and safe for most patients.

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Epilepsy – is a disease that develops against the backdrop of a violation of brain function. A distinctive feature of the disease is the occurrence of recurrent seizures. Usually, this disease develops at a young age, most often in children and young adults. In some cases, we can speak of hereditary epilepsy.
Seizures occur as a consequence of violations of the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. If the disease appeared in early childhood, there is a chance that it will pass with age. When developing epilepsy in elderly patients, it is a complication to background disturbances in the central nervous system, such as stroke or trauma.

What are the causes of epilepsy?

Approximately 60% of all cases of epilepsy, the cause of the disease remains unknown. It is believed that it may be genetic disorders. The development of the disease in other cases may be caused by the following factors:

  • – Cranial trauma with consequences on brain function;
  • – Diseases of the central nervous system;
  • – Infections of the brain;
  • – Tumors in the brain.

An important role is played by a full sleep, because its absence may provoke the appearance of seizures. The same applies to the diet. Epileptics are advised not to drink alcohol, avoid bright flashes of light and flickering.

Any seizure – is epilepsy?

A single seizure is not an indication of epilepsy. For example, similar symptoms can be observed in children when it snaps body temperature lowering blood sugar in diabetic patients, as well as in cases of alcohol dependency or withdrawal of alcohol drinking bouts.

What treatment is prescribed for epilepsy?

In the treatment of epilepsy prescribe complex treatment, which includes drugs with anticonvulsant action. One of these drugs is based on Depakote valproic acid. It removes excessive activity of electrical pulses, thereby providing a good anticonvulsant effect.
Depakote good tolerated and rarely causes side effects. If you have any adverse reactions should immediately contact your doctor to adjust treatment.

Can I buy without prescription Depakote?

The drug is sold without a prescription, but it is worth to take only after consulting your doctor.

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder – a mental disorder that manifests itself in the emergence of a human repetitive intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and / or actions (compulsions).

What are obsessions and how they manifest themselves?

Obsessional thoughts – it’s intrusive images or ideas that are against the will arise in the mind of the patient. They always cause unpleasant feelings in humans because of their meaninglessness either aggressive or vulgar content. Attempts to resist these thoughts in vain. This condition may be accompanied by severe anxiety also because a person perceives these thoughts as their own. Often the patient feels guilt or shame for images that arise in his mind.

What are compulsions?

Compulsion is a repetitive action repeatedly (ritual), aimed at reducing anxiety during obsessions. For example, a person can decide if it will be 17 times along the street and back, then to his relatives did not happen a terrible accident. On committing ritual people can spend a lot of time in this case, often the patient understands the futility of committing compulsive actions, but his anxiety is so great that he can not resist the implementation of rituals.

How to treat obssesivno-compulsive disorder?

Disorder Treatment includes a visit to a psychiatrist and then non-drug treatment and medical methods. The scheme of treatment and the number of methods depends on the severity of the disease and the number of accompanying symptoms.
Among the medical methods for good performance is based on Buspar medication buspirone. This drug nonbenzodiazepine nature, so it has less side reactions, compared with benzodiazepine drugs. In addition Buspar does not cause conditions such as psychological and physical dependence. Buy medicine at the pharmacy or you can use “order online“.

Under what conditions is not recommended to use Buspar?

Buspar should not take the following features:

  • – Hypersensitivity to the drug composition;
  • – Age under 18 years;
  • – The use of alcohol-containing beverages;
  • – Abnormal liver functioning;
  • – Epilepsy;
  • – Renal failure;
  • – Glaucoma in the acute form;
  • – Cancer.

Buspar is forbidden to receive pregnant and lactating women, which should be considered when planning a pregnancy.