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Obsessive-compulsive disorder – a mental disorder that manifests itself in the emergence of a human repetitive intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and/or actions (compulsions).

What are obsessions and how they manifest themselves?

Obsessional thoughts – it’s intrusive images or ideas that are against the will arise in the mind of the patient. They always cause unpleasant feelings in humans because of their meaninglessness either aggressive or vulgar content. Attempts to resist these thoughts in vain. This condition may be accompanied by severe anxiety also because a person perceives these thoughts as their own. Often the patient feels guilt or shame for images that arise in his mind.

What are compulsions?

Compulsion is a repetitive action repeatedly (ritual), aimed at reducing anxiety during obsessions. For example, a person can decide if it will be 17 times along the street and back, then to his relatives did not happen a terrible accident. On committing ritual people can spend a lot of time in this case, often the patient understands the futility of committing compulsive actions, but his anxiety is so great that he can not resist the implementation of rituals.

How to treat obssesivno-compulsive disorder?

Disorder Treatment includes a visit to a psychiatrist and then non-drug treatment and medical methods. The scheme of treatment and the number of methods depends on the severity of the disease and the number of accompanying symptoms.
Among the medical methods for good performance is based on Buspar medication buspirone. This drug nonbenzodiazepine nature, so it has less side reactions, compared with benzodiazepine drugs. In addition Buspar does not cause conditions such as psychological and physical dependence. Buy medicine at the pharmacy or you can use “order online“.

Under what conditions is not recommended to use Buspar?

Buspar should not take the following features:

  • Hypersensitivity to the drug composition;
  • Age under 18 years;
  • The use of alcohol-containing beverages;
  • Abnormal liver functioning;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Renal failure;
  • Glaucoma in the acute form;
  • Cancer.

Buspar is forbidden to receive pregnant and lactating women, which should be considered when planning a pregnancy.

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