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Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is a disease of hereditary genesis, which is characterized by increased production of uric acid in children. The disease develops due to a defect of a specific enzyme, which is responsible for accelerating the recycling of guanine and hypoxanthine. Because of this malfunction, the body accumulates an excessive amount of purine xanthine and, as a consequence, uric acid.

lesch nyhan syndrome


Manifestation of Lesha-Nyhan syndrome:

This metabolic disease, which in addition to a high level of uric acid in the urine is associated with the following manifestations:

  • mental retardation;
  • aggression;
  • autoaggression with self-injury;
  • manifestation of chorea in the form of gusty movements and athetosis with slow convulsive movements (choreoathetosis);

Symptomatic signs of Lesch-Nyhen syndrome:

lesch nyhan symptom
lesch nyhan symptom

This disease affects the boys and manifests a delay in development in the first year of life. Later, other signs join. The most revealing manifestation of the disease along with the remaining symptoms is the presence of autoaggressive actions with teething. Usually such children bite their lips, fingers and nails, and the same forearms (there are cases of self-amputation). In addition, patients scratch their nose and mouth, they often have bleeding due to injuries, and the pain threshold is preserved, which complicates the course of the process. Children cry from pain after committing self-harm. In addition, they are able to show aggression to other people. Often these children are prescribed symptomatic treatment with strong sedatives. They can be bought at a pharmacy after a doctor’s prescription (do not go without a prescription).

Diagnosis and treatment of Lesch-Nychin syndrome with the help of the drug Zyloprim

zyloprim lesch nyhan

The diagnosis is made in the presence of all the symptoms of the disease, since some manifestations can be observed in other diseases. Therefore, it is difficult to do this in the early stages. Treatment includes taking drugs with allopurinol to reduce the level of uric acid. One such drug is Zyloprim. It acts on the human enzyme system, stopping the accumulation of uric acid. Zyloprim can be ordered from an online pharmacy, but treatment should be carried out under strict medical supervision.

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