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Epilepsy – is a disease that develops against the backdrop of a violation of brain function. A distinctive feature of the disease is the occurrence of recurrent seizures. Usually, this disease develops at a young age, most often in children and young adults. In some cases, we can speak of hereditary epilepsy.

Seizures occur as a consequence of violations of the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. If the disease appeared in early childhood, there is a chance that it will pass with age. When developing epilepsy in elderly patients, it is a complication to background disturbances in the central nervous system, such as stroke or trauma.

What are the causes of epilepsy?

Approximately 60% of all cases of epilepsy, the cause of the disease remains unknown. It is believed that it may be genetic disorders. The development of the disease in other cases may be caused by the following factors:

  • Cranial trauma with consequences on brain function;
  • Diseases of the central nervous system;
  • Infections of the brain;
  • Tumors in the brain.

An important role is played by a full sleep, because its absence may provoke the appearance of seizures. The same applies to the diet. Epileptics are advised not to drink alcohol, avoid bright flashes of light and flickering.

Any seizure – is epilepsy?

A single seizure is not an indication of epilepsy. For example, similar symptoms can be observed in children when it snaps body temperature lowering blood sugar in diabetic patients, as well as in cases of alcohol dependency or withdrawal of alcohol drinking bouts.

What treatment is prescribed for epilepsy?

In the treatment of epilepsy prescribe complex treatment, which includes drugs with anticonvulsant action. One of these drugs is based on Depakote valproic acid. It removes excessive activity of electrical pulses, thereby providing a good anticonvulsant effect.
Depakote good tolerated and rarely causes side effects. If you have any adverse reactions should immediately contact your doctor to adjust treatment.

Can I buy without prescription Depakote?

The drug is sold without a prescription, but it is worth to take only after consulting your doctor.

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