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Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious disease with a chronic course, as a result of which a healthy liver tissue is replaced by a connective (fibrous or stromal). The affected liver has a modified dense structure and can be either reduced in size or slightly enlarged.

Causes of liver cirrhosis

Among the causes that lead to the development of irreversible changes in the liver cells and subsequently – to cirrhosis, we can distinguish the following:

  1.  alcohol abuse: due to frequent use of alcohol, a person’s liver is intoxicated;
  2.  congenital liver diseases;
  3.  viral hepatitis with chronic course (especially B and C);
  4.  parasitic liver damage;
  5.  bile duct disease;
  6.  defeat by drugs and chemical compounds;
  7.  causeless development of cirrhosis (of the binary form).

About a third of patients can not find the root cause of the disease.


Symptoms of liver cirrhosis

The disease has several characteristic manifestations:

  •  formation of the effect of the “jellyfish head” as a result of excessive filling of veins in the abdominal cavity;
  •  general weakness;
  •  low-grade fever;
  •  joint pain;
  •  weight loss;
  •  disorder of digestive functions;
  •  manifestation of chronic fatigue;
  •  pain in the right side (with palpation, the liver can be bumpy);

At the last stage of the disease jaundice develops, swelling of the legs and accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. In addition, bleeding and encephalopathy may develop.

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Treatment of cirrhosis of the liver

Changes in the liver with cirrhosis are irreversible, however, competent and timely treatment can help alleviate the symptoms and prolong the life of the patient. Treatment of cirrhosis consists in the following stages:

  •  drug therapy;
  •  diet therapy;
  •  complete rejection of alcohol and other hepatotoxic substances;
  •  liver transplantation (in case of severe disease).

In cases where patients have elevated body temperature, antibiotics may additionally be prescribed.

To reduce edema, diuretics are used, for example, the drug Aldactone (the active ingredient is spironolactone). It promotes the excretion of water, sodium and chlorine from the body, reducing the acidity of urine. The drug can be ordered online or bought in a regular pharmacy.

Alternative name for different countries:

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Echinococcosis is a rare parasitic disease caused by larvae of echinococcus, which attack the liver, bones and respiratory system. Most often occurs in childhood, but can be diagnosed in adults.


Ways of infection with echinococcus

Echinococcus is prone to the formation of cysts, which in this form enter the body of livestock (most often sheep). Further, they enter the dog’s organism in the food chain (if it is a crude demand of a previously infected animal), where in the intestine develop to adult individuals.Albenza Dosage

Then their eggs get into the external environment with feces and can contaminate food or household items. In the human intestine, eggs develop into larvae that spread throughout the body and form slowly growing cysts (some of them may be more than 20 cm in diameter). This explains the belated manifestation of the symptoms of the disease, which can be observed several years after infection.

Symptoms of echinococcal infection

When cysts are formed in the liver, symptoms such as:

  •  painful sensations;
  •  jaundice;
  •  nausea;

If the lungs of a person become the habitat of the cyst, then there is a cough and pain in the chest, and if the bones are affected, fractures and pains in the limbs.

For the diagnosis is taken into account the symptoms and results of ultrasound or X-ray diagnostics.

Prevention and treatment of echinococcosis

Prevention of the incidence of human echinococcosis is the prevention of helminthiasis in dogs and the exclusion of their diet of raw sheep.
In the presence of larvae in the patient’s body, anthelmintics are prescribed, for example, Albenza (the active ingredient is albendazole). It affects the digestive system of the parasite, is included in their metabolism, and also leads to a violation of their energy processes. After the drug is metabolized in the liver, one of its metabolites continues to fight against parasites, so the drug has a prolonged effect. Buy Albenza can be online, it is available without a prescription.

Surgical treatment is necessary to remove cysts.

Conditions in which taking Albenza is prohibited

Albenza is not recommended for use when:

  •  hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  •  pregnancy;
  •  lactation;
  •  age, less than 2 years;

With caution, Albenza is prescribed for cirrhosis, hemopoiesis, and retinal lesions.

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